School of Self-Discovery

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Back in April, on my birthday, I decided to do something for myself to help encourage my own growth and curiosity around self-care. I decided that for 3 months I would follow the cycles of the moon and create my own prayers and rituals around what I wanted to change in my life, how I wanted to grow and try to amplify my gratitude and self-awareness. Little did I know what a huge amount of self-love, compassion and awakening would come out of this challenge I put myself to.

The first month,starting on the new moon, I worked on acceptance. I lit a candle, used palo santo to cleanse the space , said a prayer that related to my growth around acceptance and created a song I sang to myself to help raise the vibration of the ceremony. I did the same thing the second month except this time I focused on forgiveness. Forgiving myself first and then moving on to forgiving others in my past and present life. The third month I chose the theme of letting go of what no longer served me. This way, I felt like I could embrace all the wonderful opportunities that were coming my way. Little did I realize how quickly things would start to fall in to place.

After doing these small, daily rituals and creating ceremony around self-growth I had a lot of amazing things occur that I had been wanting, including life goals I'd been working towards for a decade. For example, I moved in to an intentional community in the mountains this past June. I'd been dreaming (literally) of such a place since I was in college. In July my car broke down and I bought a vehicle I've been wanting since high school and that better suits my values (yes it's a Prius). In August, I was invited to join an amazing ensemble of musicians and play cajon in their band (check us out-we're called Marxist Jargon). It's amazing to me that so many dreams have come true in such a short amount of time when I feel like I've been struggling for years to live my highest truth and find the path that I feel most happy walking. The icing on the cake is that I am also able to run my own business doing something I absolutely love while at the same time helping others. I feel so blessed and I also feel proud of my efforts and what I've worked towards.

Rituals and ceremonies bring us closer to the human tradition of intention setting. Throughout time, place and culture we have created these experiences in order to ground ourselves but also to focus our minds, hearts and souls on our highest potential as energy beings. This profound experience through my School of Self-Discovery is something I want to share with others. I'm planning a workshop to help others realize their dreams, their potential and, most importantly, their incredible self-worth. Stay tuned on Facebook and this website for more info coming soon!