Warm Bamboo Fusion Massage is Here!

I am so excited to be share the newest modality I've learned. I actually finished up my training back in March and have now been using warm bamboo massage for a few months. I'm getting tons of positive feedback about it so I wanted to share with you!

So, what is warm bamboo fusion massage? It's where you take different lengths of bamboo that has been specially treated for bodywork and warm it in a special heater. Once warmed, you roll the different sticks of bamboo over muscles, helping to break up knots and fascia. I love using these for deep tissue work because the heat helps soften the muscle and I can achieve incredible pressure with the bamboo rods. 

What's been most exciting is that I can make progress on pain reduction and tightness in the muscles much faster with the bamboo tools than with just my hands and elbows. The heat helps relax the muscle and release knots and tight fascia, letting me get more bodywork done in less time! Clients have been really loving it, which is the ultimate test for any new modality I offer. Leave a comment and you can get this add-on for free on your next massage treatment!