Carpal Tunnel and How To Experience Less Pain

Lately I've been getting a lot of clients complaining about carpal tunnel like pain. Numb fingers, weakness in the hands and stiffness in the joints. I wanted to share some stretches that I show my clients to help with the pain. I work a lot with musicians who have accute repetitive stress injuries, and this is a main complaint but it's certainly not limited to artists. Many of us suffer from tight flexors and extensors, which in turn causes our carpal tunnel to be compromised resulting in crushed nerves. This leads to tightness and pain in the hands. Part of my mission at Soul Vibration is to help people continue to pursue their passion and these are some of the best stretches for elongating the muscles and getting back to what you love whether that's playing music, writing blog posts, building a house or gardening! Leave a comment and let me know if it helps! Until then, take good care!